Greenhouse "Delta"


Company «Volya» presents a brand new unique greenhouse with span sliding roof - «Delta». Polycarbonate panels are put into grooves on both sides along the full length of the greenhouse. You can partially of fully take the polycarbonate panels out of the grooves by pulling the handle.

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340,00 €


425,00 €

  • 2.2m
  • 4.3m
  • 6.4m
  • 8.5m
  • 10.6m

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In summer this removable roof can be used for additional or primary ventilation. Each end has a door and two sliding vents. It is absolutely necessary to remove the sliding roof panels for the winter - it will save you greenhouse from snow loads. During winter the snow will cover all the ground inside of the greenhouse. This will save the soil from freezing, provide even moistening and maintain natural fertility of the soil.